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Nicolas Milhé, Bruno Botella, Vincent Ganivet, Matthieu Blanchard, Emilie Ding, Bevis Martin, Charlie Youle, Emmanuelle Lainé

Bruno Jakob
Invisible Expandible and Breathing Images. 2016
Technical Materials:
Brave, Tender, Gorgeous, Miraculous, Extraordinary,
Astonishing, Brilliant, Joyful, Amazing, Rich, Iconic,
Fabulous, Touching, Breathtaking, Dazzling, Terrific,
Imagination, Immersive, Galvanizing, Illuminating,
Hypnotic, Beautiful, Sublime, Transcendent, Hilarious
and so on.
Music: Hans Witschi, Piano,"VARIATIONS SOOTHE 3".
Location: In, on, around and everywhere